Who We Are


RBI Bearing is a bearing solutions provider specializing in the production of bearings for extreme industrial applications. We are also a diverse group of individuals who share the vision and values of RBI Bearing and are driven by the shared goals of providing the quality products, service and innovation to all of our customers.

Strawberry Liang

Strawberry is the visionary at RBI Bearing. She has a goal in mind and is leading RBI into the future.

Bill Fuentes

VP Operations
Bill literally has his thumb on every part of RBI. If we've got questions, he's got answers. He's also got a pretty wicked golf swing!

Mark Balog

Director New Business
Mark is the most happy when he's out and about meeting with customers. He's our eyes and ears on the road and he can grill a mean burger!

Jeff Dunford

Sales Manager
Jeff will talk circles around you when it comes to bearings. His application knowledge for bearings in extreme industrial environments is top notch. He's been known to fire up his smoker and cook a darn good Brisket.

Tom Gavin

Senior Account Manager
Tom. Never. Sits. Still. He's always running back and forth taking care of customers. Tom's laugh is infectious, when he laughs we all do.

Jeff Hoskins

Senior Account Manager
Jeff is a wealth of bearing and logistics knowledge. He's our in house bearing professor and resident 80's metal head!

Tony Longo

Senior Account Manager
Tony works with the big dogs. His sleeves are rolled up 24/7 ready to do whatever it takes to get the order. He's pretty quiet in the office but loud on his Harley!

Melanie Meier

Marketing & Operations Manager
Melanie is our idea generator and executor. Melanie juggles many jobs at RBI and is up for whatever we throw at her. She also bakes a killer banana bread.

Mike Mortensen

Senior Sales Engineer
Mike is a true mechanical bearing engineer. He will answer bearing questions you didn't even know you had. Mike is our resident outdoorsy, camping, hiking expert.

Tiffany Kolodziej

Account Manager
Tiffany's strong organizational skills have her working on more complicated orders. She is enrolled in Bearings 101 taught by Jeff Hoskins. Tiffany is our very own games facilitator and zombie show watching initiator.

Chris Segretto

Account Manager
You'll find Chris flexing his muscles with the daily orders. He's not afraid to get dirty and help the warehouse when they need it. Chris is our resident gym rat and health nut!

Tom Allen

Warehouse Manager
Tom has the warehouse layout burned into his memory. You tell him the product number and he'll tell you the aisle/bin location. He doesn't think about bearings on Sunday afternoons, that is reserved for football.

Salvador Perez

Salvador is our Jack-of -all-trades You name it, Salvador has done it. And, if he hasn't he will figure out how to do it and do it efficiently! Salvador is our resident tinkerer.

Steve Fullriede

Steve is the definition of work-o-holic. He'll pitch in anywhere, anytime doesn't matter what the job is. When Steve sees a way to work more efficiently and organized he will make suggestions to do so. He's also our sports aficionado!

Frank and Gloria Liang

Inventory Management & Accounting
Frank and Gloria have been with RBI Bearing since the beginning 30+ years ago. Franks manages our incoming inventory and product ordering. Gloria keeps her focus on the books. 

1539 Hunter Rd. Unit B
Hanover Park, IL 60133